Who the heck is this guy?

I started as a standup comic in college. When I made the change to "real life", everyone gasped. But I held on, and now I’m a trendsetter, an industry leader, and sometimes called a visionary in my field. I’ve mastered getting deals on all things creative and I’m ready to push the envelope again.

Creating stories and communication pieces that meet the highest standards has enabled me to win client accolades and professional awards. I'm an award-winning producer, copywriter and scriptwriter, instructor, and public relations manager with broad-based experience encompassing all phases of storytelling.

As one professional has stated, "Shawn has a demonstrated history to create wonderful images in both the imagination and the final product."

Ambassador of Buzz and Storytelling Jedi is my preferred title but some corporate types don't like that. So here is my "official" bio: 

Shawn studied broadcasting, film, TV, and theatre at the prestigious College-Conservatory of Music and holds an MFA in Screenwriting from the David Lynch School of Cinematic Arts at the Maharishi International University.

He is a certified copywriter by the American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) and holds certifications from the American Marketing Association. He teaches courses in old-time radio, playwriting, and film studies at Miami University, Oxford. He has worked professionally as a comedian, voice-over actor, copywriter, producer, stage director, and screenwriter. 

Shawn is launching a podcast "Art in My Heart" in January 2021.  Arts in My Heart is a podcast for those who have been told their dream/career in entertainment isn’t realistic, who are struggling to keep their art in their heart, and for those who need hope to continue to follow their arts dream during these tough times. I'm hoping to spread some support and human connection to keep artists in the spotlight.


My Latest Projects


"Boxes" - an original feature film screenplay.

"Boxes" has scored 9/10 in competitions in which it has been submitted.


UPDATE 9/16/2020: "Boxes" has been named a Semifinalist for the 2020 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition 

Download the pitch deck here.

Muddy Shoes

"Grimrose Path" - an original feature film screenplay.

A feature-length, low budget thriller script with a strong adult female lead. 

To read the synopsis or script, contact Katalyst Talent at 859-581-4555 or info@shawnmaus.net

Soulcather image.jpg

"Soulcatcher" - an original TV series 

Has been rated 8.5/10 in competitions. 

To read the synopsis or script, contact Katalyst Talent at 859-581-4555 or info@shawnmaus.net

A.L.I.E.N. Pitch Deck.jpg


Fourteen-year-old Jackson Davage's nightmares become reality as a band of aliens, and his NASA grandfather, whisk him and his friends away to a starship making him their captain to save the universe one galaxy at a time.

Download the pitch deck here