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I picked up a gig!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CINCINNATI, OH (MACH 28, 2021) The Collective Fashion Show @thecollectivefashionshow, a new Live Reality TV-based show, which brings together a select group of multi-cultural Celebrity Designers from the top reality TV fashion competition shows, announced its launch today in Cincinnati, Ohio. In-Person and Live Stream Tickets are available as of today at Eventbrite. Cohosts Celebrity Designer Ty Hunter (Beyonce and Billy Porter) @tytryone, Reality TV Fashion Model Laura Kirkpatrick-Cianciolo @laura_allstar, and Reality TV Fashion Designer Amy Bond @amybond_design flew into Cincinnati, Ohio, to announce the live stream & live events show.

Amy Bond and co-creator and husband Angelo La Pietra saw an opportunity to bring celebrity designers together with local designers to build collective energy. La Pietra says that the project will be one of the first live TV shows to actually be “in real-time” as it unfolds live globally across social media.

The Reality TV Celebrity Fashion Designers of The Collective Fashion Show are Adolfo Sanchez - @asanchezfashion , Brandon Kee - @brandonkee , Charles Lu - @charles_lu, @charles___lu , Jenni Riccetti - @jenni.riccetti, @riccetticlothing , Kentaro Kameyama - @kentarokameyama , Kenya Freeman - @silviamollie, @kenyamollie , Kiki Kitty - @kikikittydoll, @kmilele , Kovid Kapoor - @kovid.kpr , Mah-jing W

ong - @mahjingwong , Martha Gottwald - @neu_byrne, Megan Smith - @shop_meganrenne, Samantha Rei - @samanthareiofficial , Sebastian Grey - @iamsebastiangrey , Tessa Clark - @_tessaclark, @grindandglaze and Will Riddle, @w.llriddle

The first episode is based in the Cincinnati-area where local designers, models, and boutiques will also work with co-hosts Celebrity Designer Ty Hunter, Laura Kirkpatrick-Cianciolo, and Amy Bond. The official website is Up-to-date announcements can be found at the show’s Instagram @thecollectivefashionshow.

“The initial episode is about the designers emerging out of the isolation of 2020, coming together to showcase their designs, and meet fans via live events streamed across the globe.” said co-host Amy Bond, co-creator, executive producer, and co-host of the show.

Direct Video Link HERE

This groundbreaking hybrid show will include an Official Launch Party, Multiple Fashion Shows, Model Fittings, Designer Q & A Sessions, Designer Marketplace (designers will sell their clothing live and in-app), and Wrap Party.

An inspired mystery fabric challenge has the designers creating a couture garment, and Live Stream ticket holders get to vote for their ‘fan favorite’ piece.

“The couture collection from the show is going to be curated and shown as a local museum exhibition,” said co-creator and executive producer Angelo La Pietra.

The Collective provides designers an opportunity to reactivate with their fans and audiences, and engage a new community with a fun, exciting fashion week in Cincinnati.

“The Collective exists as a project to bring creative people together with the goal of really lifting everyone’s spirits,” said Amy Bond.

Bond was invited to Cincinnati last year to do a workshop for young, aspiring models. Because of COVID, and how the models felt isolated from what was going on with no way to go to New York to find an agent, or even local fashion shows to participate in, Bond saw that the models and designers were cut off from everything they wanted to do with their lives. Lives that were accustomed to fashion shows, parties, and collaborations with other creative people.

The designer’s journeys will begin at their studios through video diaries that showcase behind the scenes how the pandemic has affected their day-to-day work and artistic visions. There will be challenges and struggles to find their creative voice as they plan to showcase their collections to the world as part of The Collective.

Along with the fan-favorite mystery fabric challenge for the designers, there will also be a cash prize for a fan-favorite model, voted on by the live stream ticket audience.

"The Collective" is produced by Penguin Monkey Productions with production participation from Katalyst TV. Angelo La Pietra and Amy Bond serve as executive producers for Penguin Monkey Productions and Kat McEntee serves as executive producer for Katalyst TV. Shaun Ross @shaunross serves as executive producer and is part of the creative team and music supervisor.


Media Contact: Shawn Maus Media Director Penguin Monkey Productions 513-646-2294

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